Overview of our saw blades

Even with an almost infinite combination of sawing machines, material specifications and cutting speed/finish requirements, Kinkelder is able to offer the best saw blade for your application.

Standard HSS circular saw blades have been the industries core product for decades and are still being used on traditional stationary sawing applications.

The latest developments in HSS circular sawing technology have been incorporated into the Supreme saw blade series, which harness advances in grinding technology to refine the finishes and manufacturing tolerances of HSS.

Acting as a pioneer in the early 2000's, Kinkelder was the first to introduce tungsten carbide tipped sawing into the tube cutting technology. The Connexxioncut coated carbide circular saw blade was presented to the high volume steel tube manufacturers. This saw blade incorporated experiences gathered from HSS applications and benefitted from the vastly increased wear life of coated TCT due to high temperature resistance. This resulted in an increased productivity of about 200 - 300%. Kinkelder has extended the Connexxioncut range to include solid material cutting at production rates previously considered impossible.

The unique combined range of Kinkelder HSS-, TCT- and segmental saw blades offers cutting solutions for applications in automotive, tube manufacturing and all other metalworking industries.

HSS Fusion


High thermal insulation for high cutting speeds (incl. flying cut-off)

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