Kinkelder HSS Standard Series

Cutting tubes & solids on manual and (semi-)automatic sawing machines


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High speed steel (HSS) circular saw blades are predominantly used for cutting tubes, pipes, sections and solid steel based materials. They are also used in smaller volumes to cut non-ferrous materials.

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EC 3000




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Reduced cutting time
for mild 
  steel tubes
and solids
Cost effective for thin
walled tubes 
  and profiles in (stainless) steel
The standard for all
structural- and

non-alloyed tool steel




No surface treatment; ideal for cutting brass, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals


Sizes of HSS circular saw blades

The Kinkelder HSS circular saw blade range is available in sizes 150 mm to 630mm diameter in bright finish and with a range of coatings including flash chrome, Titanium Nitride (TiN), Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN); Chromium Nitride (CrN) and Titanium Aluminium Nitride (TiAlN).

Saw blades in popular sizes and tooth styles can be supplied from stock. Our extensive range of customised saw blades tailored to Customers' exact requirements are available to special order.


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